Adventure Dubrovnik

Adventure Dubrovnik is a Croatian registered travel company that specializes in active holidays in Croatia. We believe our biggest strength is the combination of experience and the passion for the work we do.

Our team is made of staff employed year ’round and seasonally employed staff. Several of our permanently employed staff are licensed local guides and are members of Association of Tourist Guides Dubrovnik. The origins of our company go back to 2004, when we started guiding tours throughout the region. Back then, one of our members, at the age of 18, was the youngest member of the Association of Tourist Guides Dubrovnik. Every year since 2004, we have guided numerous groups on the Dubrovnik city tours and excursions to every part of the Dubrovnik region, plus excursions to Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Montenegro.

After years of guiding we decided to start with something new. Nearly a decade ago we combined two things we are really good at, guiding tours and outdoor adventure activities. In 2010 we started with two day trips, the sea kayaking trip and a biking trip. In spite of fierce competition, every year we’ve added new programs to our offer and two years ago we became the leading adventure trip provider in the Dubrovnik region.

We are happy now that we can make our living by working what we like to do. All permanently employed staff have 10-plus years work experience each. Among the things that bond us is the love for ‘work with hands’. Our permanently employed staff is quite familiar with farming, fishing, playing musical instruments, stone work, welding, painting….
Experience from our childhood that marked our lives was growing up during the Croatian war for independence. Five years spent in a war zone taught us to appreciate the small, beautiful things in life, and to share them with others.

Why choose Adventure Dubrovnik:

– We are the only adventure company in Dubrovnik that has among its staff licensed local guides and certified adventure guides. We do not mistake certifications with memberships in organizations. Earning a certification goes far beyond paying membership dues.

– All permanently employed staff have 10-plus years work experience each and more importantly, we are still as passionate about our work as we were in the beginning.

– Adventure Dubrovnik is owned and managed by people born and raised in Dubrovnik.

– All of our equipment is top of the line and well maintained.

– We have the largest and most diverse offering of adventure tours in the Dubrovnik area.

Equipment we use

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to try equipment from various manufacturers. We’ve tested and compared performance, ease of use, comfort, and safety in order to gain knowledge into what is the best for us to use.

The kayaks we use are from the French manufacturer, DAG. For our day tours we mostly use the Treck II model. It is a modern design, sit on top kayak that combines the comfort, speed, and seaworthiness similar to a sit-in kayak but also has the stability and safety of a sit on top kayak. We’ve found it to be the best suited piece of equipment for our needs.

The bicycles we use are from a U.S. manufacturer, Gary Fisher (part of the Trek brand). We chose a hybrid that is suitable for road use and for off-road use. The bikes are fully equipped, well maintained, and come in different sizes.

The boats we rent are from a Croatian manufacturer, Venzor. All of our boats are the VEN 501 model. When it comes to small boat shipbuilding, Croatia is among the best shipbuilders in the world. This particular model is more comfortable, more spacious, and more stable than any other boat in its length range on the market. The boats are fully equipped and are powered with new Yamaha 5 hp outboard engines.

In order to organize tours to the highest standards we use a lot of additional equipment. One such piece of equipment is a Quicksilver speedboat we own and use as a support vessel for our kayaking tours. For now we are the only company that does regular kayaking trips around the Dubrovnik Old Town and has a speed boat in assistance to the kayaking tours.

If you have questions, contact us over email or phone. We are looking forward meeting you in the Dubrovnik region!

Pravna informacija:

Obrt Adventure Dubrovnik
Vlasnik: Luka Vidak
Voditelja Poslova: Luka Vidak
OIB: 92446541457

Sv. Križa 3
Dubrovnik 20000

Telephone: +385 99 3361336
Telephone: +385 99 7554494
Email: [email protected]
ID code: HR-AB-20-19010104348
VAT ID: HR92446541457

U slucaju prigovora potrosaca uputite email na adresu [email protected] ili putem telefaksa na broj +385 99 3361336 na koji cemo odgovoriti u roku od 7 radni dana.